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No matter what generation people come from, we all find ourselves living in a high-tech age of computers, where often it becomes increasingly easy for people to become disconnected from the comforts, joy and beauty that nature has to offer us. Whether we live in the suburbs, country or the city, we often spend too much time indoors with our eyes pasted to a computer, phone, or TV screen, completely disconnected from the natural cycle of things.

Many prefer privacy rather than going out to the public park for a little natural scenery. This is why it is so important to create a space where you can relax and reconnect with nature, and your favorite people by having some decorative landscaping done at your property. When you have a beautiful space outdoors to enjoy you will be able to spend more time outside soaking up the lovely sunshine, listen to the birds and the bees, or have a party with your loved ones. Experience some of the great benefits of landscaping and see how it can really make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable.

Bermuda Grass

CC Landscaping & Lawns is located in Lodi Ca, we offer local landscaping, lawn care and Landscape design services. We specialize in naturalistic landscape designs that focus on the use of native and drought resistant plants and shrubs to create a beautiful space for your property. Whether you are looking to improve the looks of your home or business we can offer original, quality, and reliable services to the people of San Joaquin County.

For the Home or business in need of a type of grass that is durable and suitable for heavy traffic and stays green all year and likes warm climates like found here in the California central valley Bermuda Grass is a great choice.

Bermuda grass is used often because it has a high heat and drought tolerance it has the ability to endure heavy use and regrow quickly. This combination of qualities leads many Californian lawn owners to rely on Bermudagrass for its resilient growth. In some cases climate requirements limit its widespread use. For many lawn owners in the San Joquin County , Bermuda grass is the best choice for their lawn needs.

Bermudagrass is a native grass to tropical and subtropical climate areas across the world. As a warm season perennial Bermudagrass, will grow back every year in the proper climate and produces most growth from late spring through hot summer months.

Bermudagrass can be more sensitive to cold temperatures when compared to its cousin, the warm-season Zoysia grass or cool-season grasses such as tall fescue. Because bermudagrass does not grow so well in the north or in high elevations it has its limits in use north of the grass-growing region known as the “transition zone.” South of that region, in California, Bermudagrass one of the best lawn choices.

Bermuda grass will thrive in sites with full, direct sun and good drainage. It has superior heat, salt and humidity tolerance. Unlike other grasses such as centepede grass, Bermuda is very drought-resistant and tolerates dry periods. Although the majority of Bermuda grass roots stay near 6 inches of the surface, they have been found to grow 6 feet or more in depth. This deep root system provides more protection against environmental stresses than other warm season grass choices.

Considerations with Bermudagrass

Observation has shown that the Bermudagrass is the species of grass with the fastest growth rate of any of the common warm-season grasses. The grass grows with two advantages 1) above-ground stems known as stolons and 2) the below-ground stems called rhizomes. Bermudagrass is well know for its tenacious and somewhat aggressive growth rate, as such it can be challenging to contain, but this con can also be seen as a benefit as the grass is more than able to endure heavy use. It will recover from damage far more quickly than most grasses. As a result, Bermuda Grass is most commonly the preferred grass for athletic fields, golf course tee areas and golf fairways.

In the San Jouquin Valley, Bermudagrass can stay green all winter. However, in much of its growing region, it spends winter dormant and brown. Bermudagrass dormancy generally starts earlier and lasts longer than some of the warm-season alternatives

One of the advantages of Bermudagrass lawns is that it can be started from seed, so you can use products like the Pennington Smart Seed Bermudagrass Grass Seed and Fertilizer Mix this mix offers improved cold tolerance in a wear-resistant, self-repairing, self-spreading lawn. Also the Pennington Smart Seed Bermudagrass Grass Seed and Fertilizer Mix stands up to the Golden state’s climate and weather, with low growth and deep, drought-tolerant roots.

Both of these Seed mixes contain a temporary, cool-season companion grass that provides stability and early color, then fades away as summer arrives. Plus, the mixes fertilizer-enhanced seed coat technology speeds establishment and promotes greener grass compared to ordinary Bermudagrasses.