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Welcome to our website, where we understand the importance of staying connected to nature in today’s high-tech world. With so much of our time spent indoors and glued to screens, it’s easy to forget the beauty and joy that nature has to offer us. Whether you’re living in the suburbs, country or the city, it’s important to take a step back and reconnect with the natural world around you.

At our website, we believe that one of the best ways to achieve this connection is through the creation of a beautiful outdoor space. By incorporating decorative landscaping into your property, you can transform your outdoor area into a peaceful and serene oasis where you can relax and recharge.

In today’s world, many people prefer to have privacy rather than going out to a public park for a little natural scenery. This is where landscaping can truly make a difference. By creating a space that is both private and beautiful, you can enjoy the benefits of nature without ever leaving your property.

With our expert landscaping services, you can create a space that is tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to create a lush garden full of colorful flowers and plants, or a tranquil water feature to help you unwind after a long day, we can help you bring your vision to life.

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Hydrangeas for your Yard or Garden

CC Landscaping & Lawns is located in Lodi Ca, we offer local landscaping, lawn care and Landscape design services. We specialize in naturalistic landscape designs that focus on the use of native and drought resistant plants and shrubs to create a beautiful space for your property. Whether you are looking to improve the looks of your home or business we can offer original, quality, and reliable services to the people of San Joaquin County.

Lacecap hydrangeas are a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape in Lodi California, with their flat, frilly-edged flower heads that vary in size, bloom color, and bloom time. They are part of the bigleaf hydrangea species, which is native to Japan, and are toxic to both humans and pets. If you are considering adding these flowers to your garden, read on for information on how to care for them.

When planting lacecap hydrangeas, location is essential, as they require the right balance of sunlight and moisture. They grow best when planted in a location that receives partial sun, with morning sun and afternoon shade. The foliage can become droopy, turn yellow, or scorch in full sun. However, if the hydrangea is planted in too much shade, stems can become weak and produce fewer blooms.

Water is also critical to the health of your lacecap hydrangeas. They require enough water, but not too much. If you are unsure whether the plant needs water, stick your finger down about four inches into the ground. If it feels dry to the touch, the hydrangea needs water. Watering often with a light sprinkle does not benefit the plant because the water needs to reach the roots. A best practice is to water deeply and not as often.

Lacecap hydrangeas require a rich, well-draining, evenly moist soil that has been amended with organic matter such as manure or compost. To help the soil retain the level of moisture these shrubs require, consider layering a few inches of organic mulch around the shrub.

Fertilizer will definitely help boost growth. It is recommended to apply a balanced fertilizer in the early spring according to label directions. You can also blend organic compost into the soil each year. Fertilization should be limited to the spring and should never be done in the late summer because feeding encourages new growth, which is especially susceptible to winter dieback.

If you plant more than one lacecap hydrangea, spacing depends on the variety, as lacecap hydrangea cultivars vary in their mature size. Some cultivars (except those with white blooms) have bloom colors that change with the level of acidity in the soil. An acidic soil (a soil pH 5.5 or lower) will result in blue flowers, while an alkaline soil (a soil pH 7.0 or higher) will cause the flowers to be pink. Add aluminum sulfate to the soil to make the flowers blue or add lime to the soil to make the flowers pink.

At, we offer landscaping services that can help you with your lacecap hydrangea care. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect location for your plant, provide watering and fertilization tips, and assist you in choosing the right soil and mulch. We can also help you with other landscaping projects to make your outdoor space beautiful and inviting.